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What does the pilot say half way through a first date? “Enough about airplanes, let’s talk about me.”

In recent weeks, many of my male pilot friends have been sharing an “article” on their Facebook pages: “Top 6 Reasons You Should Date a Pilot.” I will cut these guys some slack and assume that they only read the headline and posted it in an attempt to attract some fly honeys.

The piece describes the materialistic reasons (stereotypes) that make dating a pilot such a great thing. I find her point of view embarrassing and I hope it isn’t taken seriously by anyone.

P.S.: If the guy in the picture is the boyfriend she speaks of: #1 based on the aircraft he flies, he does not fly to the exotic destination that she claims he does. #2, his shirt is about 3 sizes too big. (meow)

1. “If you’re into jet setting”

Yeah… date a guy to get a discount on flights. That’s definitely on my top 10 list of attractive traits in a man. I wonder if Lululemon has a corporate flight department, this way a girl could get a discount on flight AND yoga pants. Priorities girls, priorities.

2. Built in breaks

Sure, maybe it’s not the best idea to spend every waking moment with your significant other. It is true that a pilot’s schedule allows for “me” time. I, however, have never heard of this referred to as a good thing. The non-pilot significant other is often not ok with the pilot in the relationship being gone for a few nights. I won’t get into it, but sometimes people get up to no good when unsupervised.

3. Conquer your fear of flying

That’s actually the lamest excuse for dating a pilot I’ve ever heard. Maybe a therapist may be more up your alley.

4. No more boring office stories

No, from now on it’s only stories about how awesome he is for greasing on a crosswind landing. Of course there’s my favourite line “would you like to hear about how I shot the ILS to minimus, no autopilot?”

5. Mile-high dates

I don’t know ANY commercial pilot that has rented a plane “just for fun” since their initial flight training was completed. The cost of doing this is astronomical; getting checked out on the airplane plus renting it for your date… that could be $500. Pilots can’t afford this. This is where reason #1 for dating a pilot comes into play; discounted flights. It’s probably a cheaper date to take 2 airline passes and go to Miami for the weekend.

6. Everyone likes a man in uniform

I have to admit that the uniform is the only thing I dislike about my job. For women, our uniforms look like we played dress up in daddy’s clothes. However, this “article” clearly makes the assumption that women aren’t pilots. The men look like they’re wearing gender appropriate clothing, except in the case of many airlines; clothing that was purchased in a Halloween store. Trick or treat.